Within the project „Development of a network of cooperation for the promotion of Renewable Energy Sources – BUS OZE” is run a series of meetings, training courses, study visits, which will be crowned with the elaboration of the Concept of development of the Malopolska Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Conservation in Miękinia. The main objective of the work is to develop a new model of cooperation on the principle of creating a channel of transfer the information, knowledge and know-how concerning the theory and practice in the implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of renewable energy sources.

An important element of the project are also activities of informational and promotional directed on dissemination, update and consolidate the information about the positive effects of the use of RES in the economy, in order to raise awareness and support the local community on this field. For this purpose will be developed manual which focuses on the issues of renewable energy, and it will be carried out in Malopolska a renewable energy promotion.